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  • Annual Holiday Lunch

    (English) Join us at the Drake Hotel on November 28th for our annual celebration, with keynote speaker Stephen Twining.

  • Upcoming Webinars

    (English) To further enhance your understanding of different areas of the tea and herbal industry, we offer a series of webinars that are presented by industry experts and members of the Association.

  • HI-101: Introduction to Herbs and Infusions ONLINE COURSE

    (English) This course provides an introduction on the historical origin of herbs and spices as they are used in tea.

  • THÉ 101: Introduction au thé EN LIGNE

    Apprenez d’où provient le thé, découvrez ses processus de fabrication ainsi que sa riche histoire. Grâce à ce cours, vous dégusterez des thés originaires du monde entier et vous vous familiariserez avec ses multiples aspects.

  • Sustainability Awards 2018

    (English) For this year's Sustainability Awards we received six amazing initiatives, that all companies should be proud of.

  • Gold Medal Tea Competition

    (English) This year's Gold Medal Tea Competition judged over 40 entries from 9 different producing countries.

  • Sip – Issue 2

    (English) Second issue of THAC's quarterly magazine includes recipes, articles and an interview with a tea taster.

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