Ultimate Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

Over the last few years tea has been gaining ground and making new tea lovers that span all generations. Did you know that after water tea is the second most consumed beverage globally? We’d have to say that is a large consumer base and puts the odds in your favour with our gift guide for both new converts and ever faithful sippers.

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Christmas tea

  • Tea Pot – Tea tastes better brewed in a teapot. Why not surprise someone special with a unique tea pot this season?
  • Tea Book – Any book about tea is sure to be well-received by tea lovers. Look for tips on different styles of teas, and interesting details for tea enthusiast to soak up while they enjoy their favourite cup of tea.
  • Tea Box – These are a great way to store envelopes of tea. They’re sure to be a big hit for those that love their tea and want to have a variety on hand to use and share.
  • Tea Canisters – This is for people who use a lot of loose leaf tea. Something to remember about storing tea is that it needs to be kept in an airtight container, out of light (both sun and artificial) and away from strong smelling items (think your spices).
  • Tea Cup – A new mug that is unique and personalized is sure to be favoured by any tea lover. There is an array of designs from traditional porcelain, everyday ceramic to the increasingly popular travel mug for those on the go.
  • Tea Education – This might be the ultimate gift for someone that already has all of the above or who is an eager learner. The Tea and Herbal Association of Canada offers the TEA SOMMELIER® Certification Program. It is available both online through the Academy of Tea and at select colleges. We have a new online session of TEA 101: Introduction to Tea beginning January 18th.

Happy Holidays!

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