Tea-ing Up Trends for The Future

By: Marion Chan, Trend Spotter Consulting

Marketing to Millennials using just the key marketing principles of price, product, promotion and placement, also known as the four P’s, just doesn’t cut it any more.  Ensuring these four principles are well received is only the tip of the iceberg.  All consumer trends today stimulate one of the four new principles:  exclusivity, engagement, experience and emotion which is arguably the key element in any consumer marketing strategy. It is particularly crucial for commodity based products that are ubiquitous, in varying qualities and formats, to understand and ensure these four new marketing principles are included in their strategies.  This can become the basis of differentiation of one black tea bag from another.

tea minimalism

The only way to do this will be to know your consumer.  Knowing your consumer isn’t just about their gender, age and household demographics.  It’s the things that will make them happy?  Or make them cry?  What do they they aspire to?  Their hopes and dreams.  If you can tap into these emotional areas, you will create an image either for the category or a brand that will have people coming back for more.


In Tea-ing up Trends for the Future, I will touch on some high level areas that will provide you with some insight into the trends that will set the stage for further discussions.  The first step will be to understand what the four E’s are and why they are important. The second step will be to learn about the relevant trends that are associated with them and how they relate to tea.  Finally, and most importantly, what actions can the tea industry, as a collective, take away to be able to resonate with consumers, particularly the Millennials, that will lead to overall category growth.

Join me at the North American Tea Conference, September 20-22 to learn more about how you can work together as an industry to make the trends work for you.

Marion Chan PicMarion Chan is one of Canada’s leaders in watching consumer trends and analyzing the relevance of those trends to brands and retailing. She can tell you what’s happening and why it’s happening, but more importantly how it can impact your business and why you should care. Marion provides you with context so that you understand the real marketing challenge and can make the best, most informed decisions about how to marshal your resources.


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