WEBINAR: The Rise of Single Origin Japanese Tea

Join us for a special webinar on October 10 with Oscar Brekell, where we will take an in-depth look at Sencha tea from Japan

DATE: Tuesday, October 10

TIME: 7:00 – 8:30 pm (ET)


The multitude of cultivars: Anyone who possesses knowledge about Japanese tea to some degree may have heard about Yabukita, by far the widest spread tea plant cultivar in Japan, covering some 80% of the cultivated area. However, apart from Yabukita, there are over hundred other cultivars available and the taste and flavor changes dramatically in some cases. Here we will look into the strength and the limits of Yabukita, why it became so popular, how it shaped the Japanese tea market and modern tea culture, and finally look into the many interesting alternatives that are being cultivated a present.

The appearance of single origin Sencha: Until about 15 years ago, with only a few exceptions, all Japanese teas offered at tea shops (or elsewhere) were blended. Only recently have we seen an increase in single cultivar and single origin teas and although the market is still comparably small, it might change the way tea drinkers look upon Japanese tea and in the long run even the tea industry itself. Here Oskar will first explain why there were not any single origin teas around before and also introduce the latest trends on the Japanese tea market.

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