Launch of the TEA SOMMELIER® Program at the Canadian Food & Wine Institute, Niagara College



We here at the Canadian Food & Wine Institute at Niagara College are very excited to share that we’re launching TEA 101 this May!  Join myself and your fellow tea students as we dive into an introduction to this ancient beverage.   We will be learning about the different types of teas, how the tea grading system works, the origins of tea, and of course tasting (or “cupping”, in the tea world).  This all takes place at the Glendale Campus sensory lab, located right in the heart of [what I refer to as] the “gastro-haven” of Ontario.

It’s a wonderful time to be expanding on all things sensory at the college.  We already have well established wine and culinary programs and have an unrivalled beer program – tea is a natural progression for us.  We’re looking forward to bringing the world of this beautiful beverage to the Niagara Region – hope to see you there!

Kristina Inman 

Kristina Inman

Certified TAC TEA SOMMELIER® Professional/CAPS Sommelier

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