Brew a Traditional Iced Tea Recipe Using Black Tea from Malawi

Malawi iced tea
Brewing the perfect iced tea at home is as easy as can be and the customization possibilities are endless. Using black tea from Malawi creates a high quality flavour profile due to the growing and production process at high elevations. There are 22 tea estates in Malawi with 48,000 tons being produced annually, primarily in black tea bags which are convenient for making a pitcher or two of iced tea.

  1. Place 2g of tea or 1 tea bag per 8 oz of water in a pitcher
  2. Steep for appropriate time based on tea type.
  3. Add ice.
    Bonus tip: Using the above instructions, prepare a batch of tea and freeze them into ice cubes so that when the ice melts your tea isn’t diluted.
  4. For extra flavour and fun, add your favourite toppings such as fruit, alcohol, or honey.
  5. Pour a glass and enjoy.

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