Refresh Your Running Routine by Adding Iced Tea

Running and Tea

When running, working out, or exercising, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated especially in the hot summer months. Since tea and herbal tea are 99.5% water, it counts towards your daily fluid intake and has many health benefits. Additionally, tea contains 66% less caffeine than coffee so tea provides that long-lasting energy needed without the dreaded crash.

Tea and Caffiene

There are many types of teas, each with different benefits for your running needs. Kenyan black tea is perfect for your early morning run. Kenyan Tea has a very distinct flavour profile and production process. Kenya is famous world over for the production of high quality tea. Over 90% of tea from Kenya is hand-picked. Only the finest top two leaves and the bud are used for tea production. The teas produced in Kenya are sought after for their bright, brisk liquor and robust flavour.

For more information about where it’s grown, visit the AFFA Tea Directorate.

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