Sustainability Awards – Silver

All of the initiatives entered into the North American Sustainability Awards were of a great caliber, which made it challenging for the judges to determine the winners. One conference delegate said of the awards:

“It was truly amazing to see the reaction from the audience when the nominees were presented and the winners announced. Of course all of them are winners in their own right. It certainly opened the eyes of so many people who have been in the industry for many years and had no idea of the great work carried out by so many producers in their communities.”

As we carry forward from this event, the tea industry is reminded to continue to work together and bring forward more of these stories to celebrate.


Goodricke School for Special Education
Submitted by: Goodricke Group Ltd, India

›Goodricke Group Ltd’s initiative comes from the parent company Camellia Plc’s deeply held principle of operating with a human face and being responsible for our impacts on the environment, on society and the economy at large.

›We follow the vision of our parent company Camellia Plc. in pledging – we’ll continue to make positive contributions to the communities in the passionate belief that the well-being of the community has a positive impact on our operations.

›The community connect initiatives are through social inclusiveness, corporate philanthropy and CSR activities.




Climate Change Adaptation in the Kenyan Tea Sector
Submitted by: Ethical Tea Partnership, Kenya

›The project aimed to give Kenyan smallholder tea farmers improved access to knowledge on climate change and enhance their capacities to adopt appropriate adaptation techniques. In order to achieve this, the project built the capacity of the Kenyan Tea Development Agency (KTDA) and other local institutions to directly train and support smallholder tea farmers on the issues of climate change, its impacts on tea production, and appropriate techniques for adaptation. Ultimately the training enabled smallholders to put measures in place to secure their future livelihoods, reduce their vulnerability to climatic impacts, and most critically, to continue growing tea. Initially focusing on the 5 KTDA factories and 50,000 smallholder farmers most heavily impacted by climate change, additional partnerships increased the project’s reach to over 100,000 farmers across 10 factories, and the learnings have now been spread across the whole of KTDA by embedding the knowledge in pre-existing training structures – potentially reaching all 560,000 smallholders.


If you can’t wait to read about each of the projects over the next few weeks, you can see all of them here.



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