Criteria for the Sustainability Awards Has Been Released!

The Tea Association of Canada and The Tea Association of the USA are delighted to introduce the first Annual Sustainability Awards for the tea sector.  These Awards are in recognition of all the hard work being put forth globally across the tea industry to further the goals of sustainability.


Purpose of the Sustainability Awards

The purpose of these new awards is to:

  • Celebrate good work
  • Bring such work to the attention of the tea industry more widely
  • Encourage others to replicate good practice

We want to recognize the holistic efforts of companies in addition to specific projects. We want to celebrate companies and projects that are helping accelerate tea towards becoming a crop that not only delivers a delicious cup of tea, but also does so in a way that is socially just and has a positive impact on the environment.

Award Categories

For this inaugural year, we are inviting entries in the following two categories

  1. Best Social initiative of the year. This will award an initiative designed to advance social sustainability within the tea sector. The initiative can be focused on social conditions such as empowering women, improving the quality of life, and increasing diversity.
  2. Best Environmental initiative of the year. This will award an initiative designed to advance environmental sustainability within the tea sector. It recognises a company that advocates environmental benefits that may include reduced carbon emissions, waste or pollution, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.

 For full criteria and how to take part in the Sustainability Awards, click here


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