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WEBINAR: Agricultural Practices When Planting Tea (Feb 22)

Date: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Time: 12-1:30 pm EST

Description of Webinar

We will discuss the basics or the fundamental practices that need to be addressed and carried out before planting tea. Most of the principals are basically the same in all tea planting nations but can vary from origin to origin.

Some salient alternatives can be Manual vs Mechanical implementation. There will certainly be variations in cultivars that are suited to geo ecological conditions. Planting seasons will vary according to weather patterns and rain distribution.

So we will look at what we need to do when planting tea with the best available resources that depend upon uncontrollable natural factors, such as weather patterns and land topography.

About Ravi Pillai

Agricultural Practices When Planting Tea (Feb 22) Webinar

Ravi is a Tea taster with over 32 years of experience in the Tea industry, and has been associated with the management of tea estates/gardens, and Tea processing on plantations in Sri Lanka for almost 20 years (encompassing Nursery management and tea planting field works, pre and post harvesting practices and tea production). He has traveled to many countries across the Middle East and Asia to market and sell teas and offer advice in the development of client specifics and needs. Ravi has been actively involved in the Spice trade and also served on the Management Committee of the Sri Lanka Spice Association for over eight years until proceeding to Turkey where he was a consultant in a leading conglomerate in Turkey where his role was developing tea standards for their brand, and also being an adviser to tea producers in the Black Sea region on leaf styles and quality of tea produced. Now in Canada, Ravi is Manager of Buying & Quality at DAVIDs in Canada. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Plantation Management awarded by the National Institute of Plantation Management in Sri Lanka.

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