Tea in Canada

The first tea shipment to arrive in Canada was imported by the Hudson Bay Company in 1716 and took more than a year to arrive. Up until the late 1800s, tea was sold loose by local merchants. These merchants essentially sold tea straight out of the tea chests that carried the tea across the ocean.

Today, our multicultural society plays a large part in the popularity of tea in Canada, as Canadians of all backgrounds are united in their love of tea. English, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and African tea traditions have all become part of our multicultural milieu. As we continue to welcome new Canadians in increasing numbers, the influence of tea culture and tea traditions in our society will only continue to grow and unite us.

  • Canadian Tea & Food PairingCelebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday with tea. We asked our Certified TAC TEA SOMMELIER® Professional to help us pair our favourite Canadian dishes with tea.

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