July 6 - Ceylon Tea party

  • Canada 150 blends/ Canadian themed teas

    Celebrate Canada 150 with these special Canada 150 blends/ Canadian themed teas

  • Tea in Canada

    The first tea shipment to arrive in Canada was imported by the Hudson Bay Company in 1716

  • Media Release

    Canada Celebrates Iced Tea Month for the First Time!

  • How to Brew the Best Cup of Iced Tea

    It’s easier than you think to brew a cup or pitcher of iced tea at home. Find out how!

  • Upcoming Education Sessions

    Join us in our online classes and learn more about the beverage that you love. More class dates being added weekly.

  • Healthy Hydration

    Tea drinkers can celebrate because tea is 99.5% water and counts towards your daily fluid intake.

  • Tea Recipes

    Our members have shared with us an array of iced tea recipes that can take you from weekday to weekend.

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